Hi, I’m Chloe. I’m a student currently studying a levels at sixth form. I studied art at GCSE and I have recently changed my a level subjects so I can do art at a level.

I’ve always liked getting messy and creative since I was little, whether it was building mud castles or drawing pictures of my friends. Both my parents encouraged my sister and I to make things out of various objects and materials when we were young. In our conservatory we had six big plastic boxes each filled with different things we could use to play and get creative with. In one box there was ‘play dough’ and those multi-coloured packaging peanuts you could stick together by licking them (you were supposed to brush water on them). Other boxes had coloured sugar paper, paints and glue, stickers pompoms and glitter. We had one box full of recycled resource toilet rolls, yogurt pots and cereal boxes to make towers and forts. We had a wall in the kitchen covered with pictures Dad put up for us and boxes in the loft and under the stairs with our creations in that both Mum and Dad didn’t want  to get rid of.

I went my way through primary and secondary school still getting my arm covered in paint and clay stuck to my school skirt and I ended up choosing art for GCSE which  I didn’t think twice about. My first book was based on patterns and fruit, most of my work was inspired by Gustav Klimt and Hubert Duprat. My second book I based around Alzheimers and how you lose your personality, I represented alzheimers through objects representing personality and masks representing people.